More Cats

As Blackie and Junior, our two new barn cats were settling in, I got a call from Chuck, the man from the Humane Society who brought us the cats. He asked how they were doing, and then he told me he had two more cats that were ready for a home. After the scare the first two gave me with their escape, I wasn’t sure about taking on any more cats. But the new ones were ready to be placed, and really, what’s two more cats in the grand scheme of it all?Continue reading

The Great Escape – A Cat Tale

I wanted to get some cats to have around the property to take care of rodents and scare off any critters.  I have never had an outdoor cat.  I generally prefer pampered (spoiled) cats that live inside with me and cuddle in my lap.  I realize, though, that cats can serve a greater purpose than sitting on the couch with me. 

Continue reading

Fall Changes

Summer is over.  Officially, it has been over for a while, but I felt like I was able to hang onto it because we were having such warm weather.  Now, it’s cooled down, we had our first frost, the trees are losing their leaves, the sheep have gotten thicker coats of fur, the heat has been running, and I have been wearing socks all the time.  I can no longer pretend that summer is still here. Continue reading

Goodbye Roosters….

When we got the chicks a couple of months ago, I bought six pullets (baby hens), and we were given four chicks of unknown sex.  I thought two were roosters and two were hens, but it turned out that all four of those chicks were roosters.  At first, I thought it would be fun to have a few roosters, but I didn’t realize roosters are not always nice (are real jerks) and cause a lot of trouble within the flock.  As the roosters got older, there was more drama happening in the coop.  The hens were not happy.  Everyone wanted to rule the roost.   Continue reading

The Girls

We have had the sheep for a couple of weeks now, and they seem to be very comfortable with their new home.  I am still working on names for them.  I’ve been calling them “Baby Girl,” “Old Girl,” and “Big Girl.”  They are sweet, although Old Girl, or the full grown one, is still a little cranky and hasn’t let me pet her.  She doesn’t run away from me anymore, so we are making progress, and it will just be a matter of time before she is running up to have her head scratched like the other two do. Continue reading

The New Sheep

It all started when I mentioned that I wanted to get goats at some point.  I was always interested in goats, because they eat weeds and can be milked.  Our farmer friend, Sam, told us we should get sheep instead.  They serve the same purpose but aren’t as mean or as dirty as goats.  I thought sheep sounded like a good idea.  Before I knew it, we were having a fence and barn built, and Sam had found us some sheep.  He had already bought a sheep for himself, so he was keeping our two sheep as well until our property was ready.Continue reading

Garden Update

It’s been a busy summer so far, but it’s not over yet.  The past couple of weeks were so hot that it was hard to be outside for any time at all.  Just walking out in the humidity would make me pour sweat.  There may have been some afternoons that were spent lounging in the pool, reading a book instead of working in the garden…. Continue reading

Pickle Fail!!

I’ve made lots of pickles over the years.  My processed pickles are usually not super crunchy, but never have they turned out this terrible!  This is the biggest pickle fail EVER!Continue reading

Wild Blackberries

When I think of picking blackberries, my mind goes back to childhood when I would get tangled in the blackberry bushes trying to fill emptied gallon ice cream containers with the little jewels of sweetness that I knew my mom would make into something yummy.  Another favorite memory is of taking the boat around the lake by our house to reach all the elusive berries that tumbled over the shore.  With wild blackberries, I think part of the fun is the hunt, and I don’t think anything about that joy has changed for me.Continue reading


The past couple of years have not been kind in the way of cucumbers.  They didn’t do very well in the garden, with either too much rain, disease, or bugs.  So far, this season, my cucumbers look amazing!  I am so excited because cucumbers are probably my favorite vegetable.  I love to eat them plain or sliced with a little olive oil and salt and pepper.  I also LOVE pickled cucumbers. Continue reading